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A Message From Bishop Webb

A message.

A Lenten Study!

Lent begins this year with Ash Wednesday on March 6. Easter is on April21. In order to deepen our spiritual experience and appreciation ofthis world-changing event in history, I will be offering a Lenten study entitled Easter Earthquake: How Resurrection Shakes Our World,by James A. Harnish.

Here is the book description:

Have you ever been in an earthquake? Earthquakes shake our most basic assumptions: that the ground will remain steady beneath our feet,that the world’s current existence is the way it will always be. But when tectonic plates shift under the earth’s surface and the ground shakes beneath our feet, it rattles the bedrock assumptions on which we build our lives.

The Gospel of Matthew reports that on the first Easter morning, an earthquake rocked the earth, ripped open the tomb, and scared the Roman guards at the tomb, who “shook with fear and became like dead men” (Matthew 28:4).

This is the second earthquake reported by Matthew. The first one took place on Good Friday, when the noonday sky turned black and Jesus died.

In Easter Earthquake,James Harnish invites us to place the resurrection at the center of our Lenten journey. This 6-week study explores how Christ’s resurrection shakes some of our most basic assumptions about ourselves and God.

“The earth-shaking promise of Easter is that God has not forsaken any of us,” Harnish writes. “The risen Christ will meet us along the confused, chaotic, fearful paths of our lives and speak the same words the women hear at the tomb: ‘Do not be afraid .'”

This book reverses the usual focus of Lenten studies by starting at the empty tomb and seeing the entire journey in light of the resurrection. Join James Harnish in this energizing exploration that will inspire you to live as a more faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.

A guide for daily mediation and prayer
An outline for small-group meetings
Begins with Ash Wednesday and continues through Easter
Each week contains 5 readings, a prayer focus, and suggestions for small-group interaction
Includes a hymn each week.

This 6-session study will take place on Sundays, Noon to 1PM, beginning March 10 and ending on Palm Sunday, April 14.

You can find the book on used for around $4.99 with or without Prime shipping. If you would like me to order for you, let me know!

Christmas Eve Service 2018

December 2018/January 2019 Newsletter

Whiteface Community

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Scott Avery celebrates his birthday on December 1st

On December 12th Peter Van Holten celebrates his birthday.

Benjamin Fish celebrates his birthday on December 30th

Betty Rine celebrates her birthday on December 31st

On January 23rd Jerry Rine celebrates his birthday

Church Staff

Russ Mulvey – Choir/Bell Choir Director

Eric Klotzko – Pianist

Jeremie/Ashley Fish –

Administrative Assistant

Don Morrison – Lay Leader

Church Phone-518-946-7757

Riverside Thrift Shop 518-946-2922

Church Website:

A Note From the Pastor

This is the week we enter the Season of Advent! I am so excited for this season that leads up to the celebration of the Birth of Christ! And here is why: It has nothing to do with the glitter, bows and lights. It has nothing to do with the sound of Christmas carols and the smells of a holiday meal. It has everything to do with the Reason we celebrate. The presence of Christ. God incarnate. Emmanuel, which means God-With-Us! The fact that this astounding message is sometimes lost in the glitz is lamentable, but at least the lights and bows grab our attention. And if we let them, they can point us toward the more enduring and spiritual blessings of God. I remember, as a child, looking at gifts under the tree and feeling the anticipation of what might be inside the ones with my name. The Season of Advent calls us to be in touch with that kind of anticipation and to let it build inside of us for the next few weeks.

So this year, I invite YOU to join ME as we take an Advent journey TOGETHER. Guided by Rev. Adam Hamilton in his video entitled The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem, we will travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem in this fascinating look at the birth of Christ.

The 5-session DVD was filmed on location in the Holy Land. Each exciting and informative session contains a 10-12 minute video of pastor and best-selling author, Adam Hamilton, retracing the actual path of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem. Discussion to follow will help us incorporate this experience into our present day faith journey.

The 5 sessions will be held from 8:30-9:30AM on Sundays, November 25-December 23. I am willing to add a second section on Thursdays 2:30-3:45PM, beginning November 29 (with the date of session 5 being decided upon by the group) provided there are at least 5 people who request this time . I would also be willing to add a Saturday class if that works better, again you would need to collect 4 friends to commit with you.

Please encourage each other and feel free to invite your non-church-going friends and family to join in as well! Everyone who attends the first session will receive a special gift from me, with an additional gift given to each person who attends all 5 sessions! My goal is to have at least 15 people join this Advent journey! I would love to be astounded by the number of people who come!

Regional Events

Plattsburgh UMC will be having a music filled “Wood, Wire & Voice” on the third Friday of each month, from 7 to 9 pm at 127 Beekman Street in Plattsburgh.

Upcoming Events

December 8th at Noon soup will be served in fellowship hall.

On December 10th Kids Club will be giving its Christmas Presentation at 5 PM with dinner to follow.

Every communion Sunday is also Fruit Bowl Sunday, please bring fruit to donate for the children.

Knitting group every third Sunday after church.


The Office is open every Tuesday 10-12 & Wednesday 9-11

Let’s journey together to Bethlehem. The Gift of Christ has YOUR name on it!

Advent Blessings,

Pastor Chrys

Kids Club

Here are some photos from kids club for us to enjoy!


Check out our church website and like us on Face Book! Invite your friends to like us as well. Like and share church posts and events. Respond to event announcements on Face Book. Let’s extend our reach in all ways possible, inviting as many as we can, until everyone knows they are welcomed and invited.

Christmas Eve

We are adding an additional Christmas Eve service in anticipation of what God is going to do! Both of these services are warm, relaxed and geared for all ages! Come immerse yourself in the sacred story of Emmanuel, God-With-Us:

4:00 PM – Children can choose to don a costume and become part of the story! A shorter service that includes a simple retelling of the Birth of Christ, with Christmas hymns interspersed!

6:30 PM – Full Candlelight service with scriptures and hymns, choir and bell choir.

Bring someone who does not usually get to come to church. Give the gift of faith this Christmas!


Many thanks to everyone who helped make our Holiday Bazaar a success. We appreciate all the cookies that were baked, the donations received for the Chinese auction, those who created the beautiful wreaths and gift baskets, and the Rine family for the bean soup mixes. A big thank you for all the time given by so many before and during the annual fundraiser. Your attendance at this events affords us the chance to support various missions.

Next event- A Birthday Luncheon on Friday, December 14, noon, at the Adirondack Coffee Café in Upper Jay please let Mildred know if you will attend. Business meeting on a Sunday, after worship in January.

United Methodist Women is a community of women whose purpose is to know God and be God’s love through mission. Mission is presence, relationship, witness and sharing. Mission is refusing to turn away when the tears of God are being shed over the violence and injustice and suffering of God’s creation.

We support the following:

Church world Service Adirondack Community

Redbird Mission Action Program (ACAP)

Henderson Settlement North Country Life Flight

Special Olympics Essex County Stop Domestic

High Peaks Hospice Violence

Gateway-Longview Child Fund International

Families First

Church Growth

We have had good attendance at our community events and forums. In September, we ran the pumpkin painting booth at the Festival of Colors, and a Taco Day at church to appreciate the Riverside Thrift Shop Community – workers and shoppers. In October, Domestic Violence Awareness month, we hosted a program brought to us by Essex County Stop Domestic Violence. In November, we hosted a Scam Prevention program led by the Essex County Office for the Aging. Church We have designed T-shirts with the goal of fostering our sense of church identity and teamwork as we connect with the community at large. They are golf style, maroon, with the church logo on the left in white. Information on ordering is out now. If

you place your order by December 9, you will get half off, paying only $6.25 (full price is $12.50)! If you need assistance ordering or would like more information, call the church office at 518-946-5575.

And yes, it is SOUP season! On Saturday, December 8, we will be serving soup to the community at lunchtime. We plan to make it in abundance to portion and freeze for the purpose of blessing folks who need an uplift. Because we will be serving the public, this soup needs to be made on premises, so if you would like to participate in the making, see Diane Wainwright for the time.

Thank you to all who have supported these events and projects in various ways. The best way you can be of support is simply to come, invite, and engage with visitors! If you are interested in helping to promote our church vision and growth by being on the Church Growth Team, please see Pastor Chrys.

*The Church Growth Team was created in January of this year to plan and promote avenues to church growth and discipleship.

Whiteface United Methodist Church

1169 Haselton Road

Wilmington NY, 12997


December 2018/January 2019 Newsletter

Final December and January 2018 newsletter

October-November 2018 Newsletter

October and November 2018 newsletter

Community Thanksgiving Service

November 18th join us at the Wilmington Nazarene Church for a worship service and light supper at 4:30 pm, please bring a dish if you are able.

UMW Holiday Bazaar

November 17th join our United Methodist Women for their annual cookie walk, silver tea, chinese auction and gift baskets, 1-3 pm in our fellowship hall.

Scam Prevention

November 14th at 2 pm we will be hosting a meeting on scam prevention, which will be run by the office for the aging. This will be focused on helping prevent people from being scammed out of money, by discussing the variety of techniques used by scammers.

Back to School Bash Party At the Beach

We will be hosting a back to school bash, at the Wilmington Beach on August 17th at 1-3 PM. Free ice cream and crafts, join us for boatloads of fun!

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