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Palm Sunday

Questions to ponder 04/02/17

With what part of the Centurion’s story can you most identify?

What, if anything, surprised you about God’s responses to the Centurion in this skit?

Name a time when you knowingly or unknowingly participated in something that was not life-giving. How do you feel about that now?

What do you know now that you did not know then?

Where do you see growth in the Centurion through the course of the skit?

How might your answers to these questions impact you life and your witness this coming week?

Questions to ponder 03/26/17

With what part of Pilate’s story do you most identify?

What, if anything, surprised you about God’s responses to Pilate in this skit?

Can you think of a current situation or system in which you participate which causes someone some hardship or suffering?

How might your conversation with God evolve around this issue?

What changes would you be willing to make as a result of your conversation with God?

How might your answers to these questions impact your life and witness this coming week?

A prayer for lent

Easter 2013


Enjoying the music!


Whiteface Community UMC Kids Club

Our Kids Club has been doing great! Donations of healthy snacks for the children are happily welcomed, as the kids are quite hungry once they reach the Church after school. The program has attracted about 8 children and we would love to have more. For more information you can visit the facebook page here

Lenten Bible Study

Pastor Chrys will lead a 4 session Lenten Bible study on the topic of Prayer from 8:15-8:45 AM in the fellowship room on March 22, March 29, April 5 and April 12.

Monthly Hour of Prayer

Lay, clergy and community members are invited to join together in a monthly Hour of Prayer coordinated by the Northern Adirondack District UMC Pastors. We will explore different ways to pray and experience the transformational power of prayer as the Church gathers together before God. This initiative is in response to the anxious times in which we live and proclaims our witness and common journey as a people of faith. There will be 4 locations for the prayer gatherings, so you can participate wherever is most convenient for you.

Dates: The 4th Sunday of each month

Time: 3-4 PM followed by a Felloship Fifteen (15 minutes for snacks and fellowship)

Locations: Plattsburgh UMC, Peru UMC, Willsboro UMC, Whiteface Community UMC (us)

Our first gathering is on March 26. If you would like, bring your favorite snack to share. All are welcome!

Choir Practice

Choir Practice times have changed, the bell choir practice has been moved to 4 PM on Thursday’s and regular choir practice will now be at 5 PM on Thursday’s. All are welcome to join.

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