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Kids Club Christmas Play

December/January Calendar

The December/January Calendar is available below:

December January Calendar

June/July Calendar

The June/July Calendar is available with the link below:

June-July 2017 Calendar

June/July Newsletter

June-July 2017 Newsletter

Service 04/23/17

Welcome to our new AA’s

We would love to welcome our Administrative Assistant(s) to their new position (shared between Jeremie and Ashley Fish). Ashley will be the point person in the AA position, while Jeremie will handle the technological aspects of the position.

Questions to Ponder 04/16/2017

  1. What is your vision of a Resurrection faith?
  2. How will a Resurrection faith inform your life and impact the world around you?

Questions to Ponder 04/09/17

  1. How is the interplay of the Palms (Light) and the Passion (Shadow) reflected in your life? In our world?
  2. How does Light inform or influence the Shadow side?
  3. As we look forward to celebrating Easter, what value do you find in spending time with the story of Christ’s crucifixion?

Easter Sunday

Palm Sunday

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